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Canadian Chess Federation

2019 Hamilton summer Open

Club Schedule

Weekly Blitz at 8pm!

$60 per year or
$35 per year plus $1 each visit or
$3 per visit
First visit free!

$40 per year
For families with over 2 children the 3rd child can be added for $10.
Each additional child is $10.
First two visits free!

Canadian Chess Federation Memberships:
Typically CFC memberships will be $48 for adults and $32 for kids
You can purchase the membership at our club or at chess.ca

Why join the CFC?
We offer a CFC rated game every Friday.
Most players at our club are here to play the rated game.
To play in this game you need a CFC membership
A CFC membership allows you to play in rated events across Canada
Their membership includes a magazine subscription
and lets you work on goals such as the National Master title

For Chess Federation of Canada Rates in detail Please Visit:

Tournament Entry Fees/Optional Prize Fund:
Our Friday events have an entry fee of $4
This is the minimum to pay the CFC to rate your games
(Since our events last 5 weeks, this means we collect $4 every 5 weeks from tournament players)
For those who wish to play for prize money they may add an additional 5$
Prize pool will determine the prize structure
Our annual club championship in September will have a larger entry and prize fund

If you have any questions about memberships or entry fees please don't hesitate to email us at chesshamilton@gmail.com with your concerns!
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